Fred Rogers 1928 – 2003 Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

A force of Nature, Mr Rogers embodied what it means to be a fully formed, and functioning human being, on par with masters like Gandhi, and the Dahli Lama. Love in Action, in every episode, our 3 year old nephew finds it instantly calming, and turns a tantrum into a singing day. If every adult who ever watched ‘Neighborhood’, YouTube this with their children, I think more people would find peace in the ushering in of a new paradigm.


Marshall Rosenberg 1934 – 2015 NonViolent Communication


At the beginning of my parenting career, NonViolent Communication somehow dropped into my life. I had already had about a decade of personal development, but like many, had never been taught in a loving way about boundaries and needs. This new way to connect with another, despite using a distancing language like English unexpectedly helps with the first of Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements: Not to take anything personally, and turns what could be a screaming match into an opportunity for bonding.