v Resources (List of Helpful Stuff)

Ø  Printed

§  The Continuum Concept

§  The Four Agreements  Don MiGuel Ruiz

§  CNVC.org


§  Plasticity Brain Centers/Brain Balance Achievement Centers etc.

§  Dance/Karate/Music Together

Ø  Music

§  Krishna Das

§  Shim Shi

§  Buckwheat Zydico

§  Soundtrack to BraveHeart

§  Mr. Roger’s link on YouTube

§  Sweet Honey in the Rock

Ø  Children’s Books That Make a Difference

§  Little Soul and the Sun – Neale Donald Walsh

§  Sacred Warrior Books –

§  They All Saw a Cat – Brendan Wenzel

·      Clever play on the world’s perspective that we all see the same things and experience them differently.  Illustrations are wonderful

§  The Dot – Peter H Reynolds

§  Ish – Peter H Reynolds


§  Sky Color – Peter H Reynolds

·      Celebrations of Creativity and Individuality and the Joy of Being Me despite a paradigm that encourages conformity

§  The Moster at the End of this book –  A Big Little Golden Book

·      This book was fun when I was little

§  Mr Pine’s Purple House

·      This book was old even when I was little, but the repetition made it readable and the message of unique expression is still relevant

§  Moo Bah La La La* – Sandra Boynton

·      Almost Singable, this one is the best one in the series.  Ok, not almost singable; definitely recite able, and a very dog-eared book in our library.  We have most of her collection at the time my kids were little, probably 6 books, and they ALL stand the test of time and relevance with my younger nieces and nephews.

§  High Rise Private Eyes –

·      Humor and playful in its storytelling, my children still talk about ‘Bunny Brown and Jack Jones’ who’ve inspired them to try Brussels Sprouts, and provided giggling when they found out why Jack didn’t have a marshmallow in his hot chocolate.  These stories were engaging enough that they were the first books my dyslexic daughter read on her own without help.

§  Press Here

·      Clever and Fun, I wish I had thought of this.

§  Mental Math**

·      Eminently readable, with awesome strategies for everyone, but especially for those of us with learning challenges, this made us feel smart and took us from struggling to leading the class, and even teaching the teachers.

§  Whatley’s Quest

·      A book with no words, the stories are endless, and potentially abound with alliteration! Or try creating poetry, finding rhymes for something completely different.

§  Toad

·      Fun Language.  Fun finding the Monster.  This was one of our favorites to ‘act out’ the words.

Ø  YouTube University – (HomeSchooling and?)

·      There is a butt load of stuff for homeschoolers, and I am one of the more independent/not plugged in ones.  Unique journey involving a lot of self trust, and relationship development with your learner (child) and what works for the two of you.  So I won’t make recommendations here, but just encouragement.  Try something.  If it doesn’t work.  Try something different.  Just please be brave and try to avoid the “school at home” model – unless of course that’s what works best for you and yours.

§  Signing

§  Foreign Language Folk/Children’s songs

§  Mr Roger’s Neighborhood /Empathy Compassion Self-Respect in a world that tends to marginalize its children.